Secret USB Flash Drive Watch

Jason Loomis
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For many of us, keeping files safe, conveniently portable and quickly accessible are a few of our key concerns and a perpetual struggle. Either because they’re too easy to misplace, are inaccessible when needed, or corrupt data, we’ve always got some way of backing up files up.

The fact that USBs are so small and easy to lose or misplace makes them a popular target for anyone looking to get their hands on sensitive information.

One way to make the files you carry on you harder to stumble upon is to stick them inside an ordinary looking watch and keep it on your wrist. This USB also has a hidden password and an LED light to confirm access.

You may have trouble if you have particularly thick wrists since the watch has a 2MB capacity. These devices are quite reasonably priced and can either be purchased online or found in your nearest PC World.