The Slide Through Toaster Should Insure No More Burnt Fingers

Jason Loomis
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Foldup toasters are incredibly convenient and easy to use. You can easily fit them into your crowded countertop; into tight spots; and into small backpacks or suitcases. They also make great gifts, because if the recipient doesn’t already own a toaster, they’ll probably think it’s weird enough that they will be happy to take it. The downsides of this type of toaster are that there is a tendency to burn your fingers on the hot metal handle to remove it and you can sometimes forget about the toast when it’s down in the small slot and it burns. But the biggest issue is that you can’t see the toast.

A more recent innovation in toasters is the slide through toaster. This allows you to simply slide the bread out and judge the doneness of the bacon-flavored topping. Slide Through Toaster Set comes with two 4 slice toasters. One regular and one that can toast a bagel with its fanned toasting coils.