The Solar-Powered, Portable Anywhere-Fridge Nixes The Need For Ice (video)

Jason Loomis
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If you're one of those, like me, who usually has an awkward amount of hard-to-carry, hard-to-store, perishable food items get thrown in the trash, then this product is for you.

It's called the Seer. It is a solar powered fridge that, once exposed to sunlight, can keep food cool for days.

It features 4.4 cubic feet of capacity enough to store about a dozen one-liter bottles. The front door and the lid are transparent and let sunlight in.

A single solar panel on top of the device charges the built-in battery pack when it’s in sunlight, allowing you to store chilled food and beverages even when you don’t have access to electricity.

The Seer is currently seeking crowdsource funding on Kickstarter. It's a perfect product for off-the-grid or simply outdoor activities like camping, hiking, tailgating, and picnics, especially when you need ice.