Sony PSP Go! Price And Release Date Announced

Jason Loomis
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Sony have announced the price and release date for their new portable gaming console, the PSP GO!. Expected to ship on October 1, the Sony PSP Go will be available for –, which is cheaper than the PSP-3000.

As well as being smaller and lighter than previous PSP models, the Sony PSP Go! will also come with a 16GB memory card. All sound good so far, right?

The big selling point for the Sony PSP Go! is the fact that it will offer additional value with the inclusion of a free digital PSP video game. However, the choice of free game is limited to Madden NFL 10 and F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon. Plus, the free game is only downloadable for a limited time, further limiting the perceived value.

Another potential downfall for the Sony PSP Go! is its lack of connectivity. The Sony PSP Go! does not come with USB functionality. Additionally, there is no HDMI nor a memory stick slot. So – could potentially become a little disappointing if you are expecting to be able to connect the Sony PSP Go! to your home entertainment system or use it to store your home movies.

The Sony PSP Go! will come in four colors. The standard black color of the previous PSP models will not be available.

The Sony PSP Go! will be available from October 1, 2009.