Star Wars MP3 Player

Jason Loomis
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There are many different Star Wars MP3 Players that are available on the market. Depending on the character you like, there is a player to match.

One is styled after a light saber. Another looks like a R2-D2 and plays audio of the droid’s signature sounds. They even have a Han Solo in carbonite version.

These are not just a cool toy, though. According to Scott Crane, who created the R2-D2 MP3 player, “the idea is to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality-to allow fans to use these toys as part of their everyday routine, not just to keep them locked in a box in their room….”

But if you are a real Star Wars fan, you probably want more than the sound. You want a toy that has more interactions than just sound. So take a look at these MP3 players designed to specifically interact with Star Wars characters.