Remove Your Info From Google With DeleteMe

Without taking a trip to Mars, how can you escape the digital exhaust? The answer is quite simple: Delete oneself from social media, wear a hat and leave false fingerprints behind. Here’s how to do it.

Star Wars MP3 Player

Futuristic, huh? With customizable built-in MP3 player and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you’ll never lose your tunes on the go while your smart geek modern gear will save you a lot of embarrassment inside and outside the house.

Big Dumps In Yo Area: Johnny Jolter Power Plunger

Anything goes in the wacky world of viral videos. From politicians threatening to shoot themselves with a t-shirt cannon to inspirational videos going viral, you never know what will dominate the internet.

Brid Air Purifier: Interesting Promise, But Short on Details

Brid’s Air purifier sounds like it could do wonders in the US, but it’s hard to judge for sure because the range of features and specs are not available on their website. They are only available once you begin the purchase process, and are limited. We will need to compare this product with others to really get a bead on whether this is a decent choice.

Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner

Read our review of the Nintendo DS games console with TV digital tuner. Get the low down on how it works and which games to buy with it.