This Home’s Garage Is In The Living Room and Bedroom, Shows Off Cars

Jason Loomis
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The average American car garage is about 225 square feet in size. The average American house, as of 2010, was about 2,600 square feet.

That’s a lot of unused space.

For Bill Mathias, the owner of a vintage car collection that he’s been building since the…1980s, freeing up that unused space was just as much a priority as making sure that his babies were safe.

He likes to have all of his cars on display.

Bill’s personal creation is a work of art because the garage is a handmade space that’s been converted into a living room.

The walls are lined with classic cars—some of them one-of-a-kinds. If you walk into the living room, you’d never know that the big room in front of you is really a garage. And some of the cars themselves are made up of spare parts and had to be pieced together over time.

The story of Bill’s collection starts with his love for cars and restoring old cars. Back in the 1980s, he had over 30 cars but realized he needed a bigger collection space. He set out to make the best garage in the country.

And he did.