The Titan Zeus: A 370-Inch TV That Redefines “Overkill”

Jason Loomis
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If you want to have a TV that is not just big but also a statement, it doesn’t get bigger than the Titan Zeus TV. It’s a 370-inch TV.

Currently, this is the world’s largest TV. It’s also the biggest LCD television in the world. Best of all, it’s 100% eco-friendly. The Titan Zeus TV is being manufactured by Digital Projection (a company that was previously known as Sim2).

The TV’s frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum dust and is waterproof. Its lenses are coated with premium optical film. And its power conversion is powered by a hybrid power supply with its peak efficiency greater than 91%. It is also designed to be super flexible with bending hinges and a cable-management system.

The Titan Zeus is a modular product. The company manufactures different sizes of TV based on varying lengths of the aluminum pods. It’s also designed to be portable and can be transported in the fully retracted position.