The Winscape Virtual Window Gives Your Home A Real Time View Of The San Francisco Bay From Any Perspective (video)

Jason Loomis
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If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to see more, then look no further than Winscape, the virtual window, for the ultimate virtual viewing experience. Winscape’s new video system, powered by a computer, gives you a real time panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay from any angle or perspective.

Created by the folks at Evolute Systems, Winscape allows you to do more than just sit and watch. By allowing you to pan around a scene, you can get up close to the action and literally walk through a remote location. The virtual window is completely customizable so you can align the live feed to your own preferences.

The Winscape Virtual Window takes the idea of a picture window into the next century. The window offers glistening views of the San Francisco Bay, Morro Bay Estuary, and the Moss Landing Harbor. It also has a Roku video player installed so you can stream your favorite content whenever you’re in the mood.

Winscape has just gotten better with a V6 upgrade that provides a dazzling view of the San Francisco Bay at a full 6K definition. With this upgrade users can take advantage of three extra HD displays at full 6K resolution.